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FTTH 12 core optical fiber splice closure

FTTH 12 core optical fiber splice closure

Products Info:
1. Dome, vertical type, small size
2. 4PCS inlet/outlet
3. 24-96core
4. Housing provide fire resistant, waterproof
Dome, vertical type, small size
4PCS inlet/outlet
Housing provide fire resistant, waterproof
RoHS Certification
Operation Temperature: 40° Cto+65° C
It can placed in Aerial, underground, wall-mounting and so on.
Dimension: 190(diameter)*410(H)mm
Inlet&outlet: 4PCS
1. HW-DJ6000 is provide with 4 inlet/outlet ports, Among these parts, 3single Inlet/outlet ports suit for single fiber cable with max, diameterΦ 16mm and 1 Mass inlet/outlet ports suilt for 1 piece of fiber cable with max. Diameter Φ 25mm or 2 pieces of fiber cable with max. DiameterΦ 21mm or multi pieces Of fiber cables with small diamter, Heating shrinkable fixing sleeve is used To seal and fix fiber cable.
2. The installation accessoried provide with the FOSC: Aluminized peper, Drop wire, nylon ribbon, labeling paper, metel hoop, drying agent.
3. Accessoried for customer's selection: Earthing deriving device and buffer Tube for bunch fiber, buffer tube for ribbon fiber, heat shrinkable fixing Sleeve.
4. Specially feature on closure: One piece of oval tube suit for fiber cable inlet And outlet port and also suilt for 2 piece of fiber cable with max, diamter Φ 21mm or multi pieces. Used for direct brunch fiber cable, no necessary cut Parts of fiber, Wind round the directly parts of fiber on the splice tray, cut the Brunch fiber, and spliced the inlet brunch fiber. Above installtion method, it Can be easy to save the time, improve communication quilty.

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