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unitube optical fiber cable

unitube optical fiber cable

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1.Double armored,double sheathed central loose tube cable
2.Excellent mechanical performance
3.Easy installation&operation
Long distance and Local Area Network (LAN) communication.
1)selection of high quality optical fiber, to ensure that cable has an excellent transmission performance
2) precise control over fiber length, to ensure that cable has excellent mechanical properties and temperature characteristics
3)strict process, raw material control to ensure stable operation of fiber optic cable over 20 years
4)water blocking structure of the whole cross-section, to ensure good water blocking moisture resistance
5)loose tube filled with special grease, critical protection of fiber
6) two parallel round steel wire that is to play the role of anti-tension, but also play a role in resistance to lateral pressure
7)small cable diameter, light weight, compact tight bending performance, loose tube fiber optic cable in the center of the construction of physical exercise
8)coated corrugated steel with double-sided armor, effectively improve the capacity of optical fiber lateral pressure
Application: suitable for long-distance communication and interoffice communication
laying methods: Buried
Operating temperature: -40 ~ +70 °C
bend radius: 10 times of static dynamic rope 20 times rope diameter


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