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loose tube stranded outdoor optical fiber cable

loose tube stranded outdoor optical fiber cable

Products Info:
light weight;
small diameter;
for duct installations;
Structure and features
·Jelly-filled loose tube
·Central non-metallic strength member
·Jelly-filled cable core
·nonmetallic reinforcement (if necessary)
·PE outer sheath
Technical characteristics
·Low loss,low chromatic dispersion
·Excellent flexible capability and protection capability against
·Special excess-length control method and cabling mode makes
optical cable good mechanical and environmental properties
·Filling water-blocking jelly brings entirely cross section double
water-blocking capability
·All non-metallic structure brings good anti-electromagnetic
interference capability
The way of laying
Aerial and duct
PS:applicable to strong electromagnetic harm.
Main technical data
Allowable bending radius
Static: (10D)mm
Dynamic: (20D)mm
Allowable tensile strength
Short-term: 1500N
Long-term: 600N
Maximum crush resistance
Short-term: 1000 N/10cm
Long-term: 300 N/10cm
Applicable temperature range

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