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Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a fiber optical cable Wholesalers,We have perfect quality control system with accordance to ISO9001.
fiber optical cable is a communications cable, two or more glass or plastic fiber core, the fiber core is located within the protective coating, covered by plastic PVC outer casing. Along the internal fiber-optic signal transmission generally use infrared.
The classification of the fiber optical cable:
Single-mode fiber: the fiber normalized frequency ν <2.41, the fiber allows only a single mode (fundamental mode) transmission, a single-mode fiber. According to equation (2), the fiber core diameter and numerical aperture of the inevitable very small, the average core diameter of only a few microns, so difficult to connect coupling. Because it is a single-mode transmission, eliminating the mode dispersion, material dispersion wavelength near 1.3 microns close to zero, so the bandwidth is very large (up to hundreds of GHz · km). Single-mode fiber as a future high-capacity long-distance trunk communication transmission line.
Multi-component glass fiber: the composition of the fiber glass composition SiO2-based, accounting for tens of percent, in addition to containing alkali metals, alkaline earth metal, lead, boron oxide. It is characterized by low melting point (1,400 degrees Celsius), the available traditional crucible Fala Si, and suitable system for bigger core diameter, large numerical aperture fiber. This fiber is still in development phase, so few applications.
Plastic clad fiber: This is a high-purity quartz core, plastic (such as silicone) for multimode fiber cladding mutant. Larger core diameter and numerical aperture, core diameter greater than 200 microns, NA greater than 0.3. This fiber for easy connection and coupling, suitable for short-range small capacity system.
Plastic Optical Fiber: Fiber materials specially designed transparent plexiglass, polystyrene and other plastics can be made into a mutant or graded-index multimode fiber, the fiber attenuation from the initial 500 ~ 1000 db / km down to tens of decibels / km, but we need further reduced. It is characterized by soft, easy to process, the core diameter and numerical aperture.
Coated optical fiber: bare fiber brittle they pass off, this is because the glass fiber surface there is always a random distribution of micro-cracks, moisture, dust and stress, rapid proliferation and lead to a breach. Immediately coated with a plastic sheath, while in the optical fiber drawing, made once clad fiber, and can ensure high fiber strength and long life. However, in order to further increase its pressure and flexural mechanical properties, easy into the cable and use, often squeeze the overlying layer of thick plastic layer on the surface, this is the secondary coating fiber, also known as coated fiber. Its outer diameter is generally about 1 mm. In accordance with the fiber sheath in the loose state of the secondary coating, can be divided into a loose packet optical fiber and tight package fiber two types.


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