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china optical fiber cable

china optical fiber cable is a communication cable, composed of two or more glass or plastic fiber core, the fiber core is located within the protective coating, covered by plastic PVC outer casing. Along the internal fiber-optic signal transmission generally use infrared.
The difference between optical fiber and cable?
: The materials are different. Cable to the material of metal (mostly copper, aluminum) conductors; vitreous fibers, optical fiber conductor.
Second: there a difference in the transmission signal. Cable transmission of electrical signals. Optical fiber transmission of optical signal.
Optical fiber and cable industry
China began the study of fiber-optic cable from the mid-1970s, almost simultaneously with foreign start early in 1977 developed the first root of the quartz fiber. China's large-scale communication construction, driven by demand in recent years, China's optical fiber and cable industry has developed rapidly, and has formed a complete industrial chain from the optical fiber preform to the fiber optic cable products. Production and technical strength of the optical fiber and cable companies are also rapidly expanding to further improve product development capabilities and technological innovation capability. China has become the world's second largest fiber optic cable, and all aspects reached the world advanced level. Third: the scope of application are different. The cable is used for energy transmission and low-end data transmission (eg, telephone). The optical fiber used for data transmission.


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