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« HD-SDI HD cameras waiting for the large-scale application of the spring

Talk about SD and HD project installation depends on the points

www.headwaybatteryandcable.comBeginning in 2009, the monitoring system into the fiber optical cable Wholesalers network digitization stage, D1 (72-480) is becoming the standard of IP video surveillance with SD (StandardDefinition, referred to as SD), that is the standard analytic argument, the next due to picture detail more pursuit, and therefore china optical fiber cable will produce HD (HighDefinition, HD), also known as high-resolution. Later, in order to comply with the digital television (HDTV), 16:9 wide screen display format, then jumped to 720p and 1080p HD HD Castles format.
    SD and HD in different monitoring scenarios
    Following the author would be "the road monitoring", "airport", "Financial Bank", "judicial prison four main optical fiber cable suppliers security monitoring project applications, for example, the description of the principles and practices of select SD or HD.
    Urban road monitoring
    Speaking of road traffic monitoring applications can be roughly divided into "urban road" and "highway" block. In the field of urban road monitoring, urban road traffic monitoring and city road security monitoring can be divided into two blocks. Images of urban road monitoring more than 60%, based on road conditions and traffic flow monitoring purposes, whether equipped with a high-speed the ball camera or fixed camera, its purpose is still based on the panoramic road conditions as a normal monitor use SD sufficient to meet No clouds the HD grade of camera.
    As for the other 40% of the urban road monitoring is used to prevent the city theft problem, important junctions and license plate recognition, the need to monitor with high-definition screen, because this request, models, vehicle types, vehicle color , as well as the text of the license plate and driver facial features, to meet all necessary monitoring objectives, it is necessary to adopt high-definition HD screen format, and most urban road monitoring IP network-intensive provisioning VPN architecture network bandwidth, therefore too high-definition format and adverse network conditions and the quality of the transmission, which depends on must be noted.
    Expressway Monitoring
    Highway monitoring differs from the monitoring requirements of urban roads, highway monitoring, IP network-intensive and fiber provisioning architecture, most P2P peer-to-peer architecture, fiber to meet the demand for network bandwidth planning, therefore re- more than the high-definition format and will not affect the quality of network transmission. The highway has been the first to adopt high-definition monitor screen format, the toll station, interchange on the import, export and license plate recognition, in addition to a clear record of the charging process can also be the face of the driver, and body type are brought together in a surveillance video;
    In addition, the license plate recognition system, license plates and models of vehicle types, vehicle color are included in the database management and travel information as a stolen vehicle travel time inquiries and Intelligent Transportation billboards (Traveltimesignboard, TTS) than on to use. Seen in this light, traffic monitoring will be the first standard-definition and high-definition images to make a clear separation is justified.
    Airport Security
    Airport very early start to use video surveillance system, but due to the mastery of travel to and from the airport and privacy principles, often so that the monitoring system is located irrelevant position until after the events of September 11, began to require watertight security monitoring. Airport matrix application is up, so airport common provisioning PTZ cameras and high-speed ball, but the increasing number of terrorist events, airport security thinking toward mastery of the details. Furthermore, because the airport surveillance is IP network fiber provisioning framework, therefore, no amount of high-definition format, it will not be the burden of the transfer. So people and vehicles at the airport entrance, appearance, baggage check, luggage room, parking apron and runways, perimeter, begin high-definition for the demands of its intention is to master the human face, the airport operating process details, and other abnormalities, therefore, HD video format to become the first choice for airport security.
    Banking supervision
Remember A while back, a bank customer deposits over the counter disputes succession? The similar incident highlights the financial and banking build in video surveillance negligence. Past the analog era financial banks are most concerned about, is that over the counter job on the bill payment process between the customer and the teller engineering companies on the acceptance of the monitoring system must be able to identify the banknotes currency and denomination for customers over the counter face and identification of body type clothing should be precise, clear, due to the structure of the internal network, but also makes the HD transfer applications in the financial and banking, representing the presence of too many obstacles.
    In view of this, in addition to an ATM, financial and banking must be based on standard-definition panoramic plus the OTC-bit and entrances focus full HD screen, is the financial and banking depends highest principle, only to note that the network bandwidth. HD format support.
    Prison security
    Into the era of digital surveillance, prison security and analog and digital controversial, because they can not accept the delay characteristics of the IP network, the majority of standard-definition or high-definition network monitoring hold a wait-and-see attitude until the fiber-optic cable into prison security , became the prison open opportunity for the application of the IP network monitoring the prison monitoring requirements for effective monitoring and management of the administrative area of ​​the prison, living area, production area, in addition to some regional SD,.
    Cell, the brig set the Day & Night Vandal Proof Dome Camera HD IP High Speed ​​Dome; setting in the prison inside the restaurant, auditorium, playground, workplace and other public places, HD webcams and low-light webcam, SD infrared network cameras, etc.; set megapixel network infrared camera around the front door fitted megapixel IP High Speed ​​Dome; custody staff living quarters can be based on different places, set the IP High Speed ​​Dome, SD hemisphere camera, low-light camera; special places set intelligent analysis of the low-light camera, integrated high-speed ball and Vandal Proof Dome Camera. To prevent escapes, high-definition images in addition to the perimeter and the entrance, dormitory area and factory labor area with the image intelligent analysis of high-definition applications, making the prison not only is the image of the prison to see better achieve the purpose of the smart video surveillance .

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