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« Technical problems and trends of pickups in audio security monitoringTalk about SD and HD project installation depends on the points »

HD-SDI HD cameras waiting for the large-scale application of the spring

www.headwaybatteryandcable.comSecurity video surveillance development in China has more fiber optical cable Wholesalers than ten years, a variety of new products, new technologies, the security industry is defined as high-definition, which is already three years ago, an irreversible fact. Before and after 2007, the security industry began large-scale application of IP cameras, security video surveillance gradually into the network HD hall; 2011, SDI HD interface into the security market, making HD now have one more way, it is already in the application china optical fiber cable field preliminary emerge.
    Inherent advantages conferred HDSDI value
    The camera is the optical optical fiber cable suppliers image into an electrical image, and to restore the device of the optical image by the display device. The social needs of the camera from the visual needs of human nature, is an important tool for human perception of the physical world. Video surveillance as a system to measure the overall performance, but undoubtedly, the camera is the most important part, and brought together many of the core technology. We talked HDSDI HD monitor advantage will undoubtedly focus attention of the camera, despite the HDSDI supporting products such as video recorders, decoders, matrix, Optical and monitor, have been published. HD-SDI cameras began to be imported from abroad, from radio and television, and video conferencing. Since 2006, LifeSize introduced the industry's first 720P products, later Kodak introduced the industry's first 1080P products the HD already applied, and has become the main market in the field of video conferencing. Shenzhen tomorrow Industrial Co., Ltd. (Minrray tomorrow), founded in 2002, is a professional company specializing in R & D, production and sales of CCTV surveillance products and multimedia conferencing, video camera. As early as in the 2005 Industrial SD conferencing camera market, in 2007, a large scale research and development of high-definition conferencing camera, can be said tomorrow, tomorrow Industrial HD application in the video conferencing industry was the first and is.
    The past three years, with the development of high-speed IP HD, HD-SDI in the surveillance industry caused a great concern. It is precisely because the problem can not be solved in the short term IP HD surveillance system exposed in the mass-market applications, promote HD-SDI technology in the surveillance industry. Has been poor IP HD compatibility, the standardization process is slow, the leading manufacturers of the various threshold set for their own interests, but also the situation worse, not only allow integrators and third-party service miserable, but also to the user in future system maintenance, expansion and transformation has left many hidden dangers.
Secondly, the need for a digital-to-analog conversion due to IP surveillance, the coding efficiency higher requirements, and even mainstream H.264 and MPEG-4, can not fundamentally solve the delay and frame dropping problem, and for the public security and other front-end real-time control track and capture images of the user, it will directly affect the actual results.
    And then the IP high-definition surveillance system to be installed the relative analog system of commissioning and operation is relatively complex, not only for traditional builders and contractors to re-staff training, and also may increase the cost of human resources and staff mobility. It is precisely because the IP HD monitor the presence of the above problems, the HD-SDI HD surveillance system homeopathy into the field of security monitoring, and quickly occupies a place in the security market, showing a tendency rival HD systems with IP. Compared to IP, HD, HD-SDI, HD system has the following advantages:
    Uncompressed: IP transport compressed packet process, the image is not distorted, higher data security;
    Low latency: compared with the image of the IP HD system 200 ~ 400ms delay HD-SDI image delay is only 40ms, or that feeling less than delay;
    Clearer: the ability to provide uncompressed high-definition images, provide a richer image information for intelligence analysis;
    Easy to install: HD-SDI monitor the installation and commissioning of the system operation is basically the same as with traditional analog control system without the need for re-training.
    HDSDI calls for a broader development space
    No one is perfect, No gold! Although the above cited HDSDI HD monitor many advantages reflect the market value, but the undeniable fact is that, looking back we are currently monitoring the market, in addition to the high-definition, networking and integration, intelligent performance is also market development mainstream HDSDI monitoring equipment for high-definition conform to the degree of self-needless to say, but if it comes to networking and intelligent, had to admit that this is a problem. Speaking of networking, to ensure smooth network transmission data compression, pressure can not "HDSDI technology is undoubtedly a huge transmission data itself trapped in information silos on at the same time, remote monitoring and network integration capabilities low also affect the extension and application of the HDSDI intelligent functions. In addition, HDSDI the inherent weaknesses of the technology is also reflected in:
The front-end lightning bad solve
    SDI from the field of broadcasting, mainly used in the indoor environment, and no large-scale for the outfield precedent related standards did not consider before industrial environments, lightning had no reserves. The SDI cable transmission is a high-frequency digital signal, completely different principle and design of the SPD and analog video, should be said that there is no good solution. To solve this problem, you can consider the fiber solution, installed the the outfield camera nearby access SDI Optical can further SDI front-end direct fiber port output video signal using a fiber-optic transmission, interference and lightning basically solved. If not for outdoor projects, HD-SDI system can also be used for indoor projects such as the MTR.
    The level of cable
    HD-SDI high-definition video signal is the best dedicated SDI cable transmit video signal to ensure the best effect, but specifically the SDI cable joints are very expensive, the actual project, all dedicated SDI line The cable will increase the construction cost, and after the actual test, a high level of coaxial cable and BNC head can basically guarantee video effects. Moreover, as long as the SDI use gradually related DPM price must be substantially reduced.
    Storage solutions
    As described above, the HD non-compressed video signal data in a very large amount, this amount of data to store directly consideration is quite large, from practical considerations, the video store or need to be compressed, particularly, can be used SDI -DVR solve SDI encoder with the NVR solution. Flexibility to choose according to the actual project. Even so, there is an obvious advantage of HD-SDI system compared to the HD-IP system: the premise of maintaining consistent quality of storage capacity, HD-SDI systems in real-time manipulation of a comprehensive win, at the same time, HD-SDI system manipulation completely delay, so it can be seen that memory will not lose important video.
Resisting Foreign Aggression within! Since ancient times, the truth, the same difficulties should be inverse difficult and above is the right path, we can seek a solution for the above shortcomings.
    HD-SDI ancillary systems market advantage
    How to resolve of compression difficulties
    Appears HybridDVR concept of impact with the SDI-DVR, this problem is no longer troubled by the Contractors want to use the HD-SDI camera, because relative to the network of high-definition monitors, HD-SDI storage requirements etc., and advantage HD-SDI can ensure that the road like a clear and real-time network HD is necessary for the flow of the bandwidth and image code to worry about whether any errors frame. Almost the same capacity, the storage space occupied by the HD-SDI with the same image of the network camera.
    Solve unable to remote control
    Many manufacturers are worried HD-SDI can not control the transmission of voice signals, and in fact on this part was originally expected to resolve in the second half of 2011, early in the first half of 2011 was some of the state-of-the-art technology vendors overcome also reached PTZ the ability of the two-way voice transmission, transformation and powerless from traditional monitoring network monitoring manufacturers eat teeth reassurance In through coaxial transmission signal carrier (CarriesWave) technology, the most useless in the signal embedded in this similar to the past of 16/32bit a single coaxial transmission to transfer control and sound signal.
This step is the road to open the technology for HD-SDI Matrix With the opportunity to revive the traditional matrix system HD caught.
    How the platform centralized management and control
    HD-SDI camera is a lack of systematic management platform tools in integrating encountered a lot of problems on the centralized management and control. South Korea to achieve this requirement in the highway project. The project, taken by the front end portion of the coaxial cable with Optical transmission, all roadside signal back to the traffic control center, then through the boards or four eight-way conversion of HD-RX group way, the signal transduction BT.1120 formats directly into networking and network management functions DVR or by a board composed of the HD-SDIVideoServer management platform software to make all the DVR network management incorporated, not only to reach the platform management requirements more grouped in clusters on the highway picture allocate work more convenient and fast, HD-SDI camera PTZ control platform software under control protocol standardized conditions are fulfilled.
    The front end has the "brains"
    Can be seen from the various analysis and testing of the actual product in HD-SDI the IVS or VCA images smart function, because it is through the chip is divided compressed non-CPU computing approach, so the front of the HD-SDI camera in addition to a large area privacy MASK (Mask) the displacement motion detection (MotionDetection) with OSD function can not do the picturesque line statistics such as high-end smart use of the deadline date component vendors have released the world's first high-definition 1080P @ 30fps with intelligent analysis capabilities, HD chip.
    All in all, HD-SDI is a product of social progress, according to the characteristics of the HD-SDI system, the summary of the application groups: on-site monitoring and rapid manipulation of a place than playback. Safe city, banks, hospitals, schools, casinos, airports, prisons, roads, intelligent buildings and other areas have some places can be applied to HD-SDI monitoring system. We also believe that, HD-SDI, there will be more broad space for development.

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