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Technical problems and trends of pickups in audio security monitoring

The audio monitoring core components pickups for the integration of audio and video surveillance camera is the eyes, pickups ears. Eyes to see the image and ears hear sound transmitted through the nervous system such as cable, fiber optic, network DVR china optical fiber cable save as brain constitutes a basic audio and video recording system. Most of the traditional monitoring systems no sound, like a silent film of the early years, people only see the silent images, integrated audio monitoring system requirements.
    Three technical problems pickups in the audio security monitoring
    1 audio monitoring technology development has long been slow, noise handling difficult.
    Vocal noise after amplification is easily confused with the even fitted with pickups optical fiber cable suppliers also heard the noise, audio monitoring did not achieve its purpose and significance. The pickup noise reduction need to address two optical fiber cable Manufacturer issues, one is to reduce the noise from the circuit itself, the second is to reduce interference from ambient noise. The circuit itself noise is relatively easy to solve more complex and difficult to resolve the issue of environmental noise. The low levels of environmental noise can be provided through the automatic monitoring of the noise and feedback suppression, this technique can suppress the part of the environmental noise. However, strong noise environment such as roads, to reach the higher requirements must also be further DSP noise suppression means. The most advanced voice noise reduction algorithm only about 20dB noise reduction in the case of less distortion.
    2, the long-distance audio monitoring difficult.
We learned from the physical principles of propagation of sound in air, most people speak most of the intensity of the sound at 50 decibels, the propagation distance of 30 meters. Noise on a busy highway is basically 60 db, the voice can easily be "drowned" This is why people in a noisy environment, voice will become increasingly large, so the other party can hear. However, the people's voices spread to 100 meters away from the sound energy tends to zero anyway zoom is useless, plus ambient noise mixed with speech processing even more difficult. The laser pickup hear the distant sound of the problems can be solved, but the cost is very high, the sound quality is poor, the strong point, can not be in the field of audio monitoring large scale, can only be used in the criminal investigation field.
    3, good pickups expensive.
    The microphone microphone as a key component of the pickups, the performance of a direct impact on the quality of the sound. The poor microphone costs a few cents, good microphone price. High grade microphone must be used in order to obtain better sound quality, and its costs accounted for more than half of the total cost of the pickups. Coupled with back-end noise to deal with the high cost of DSP chips, so high-end pickup prices have been high. That is why several hundred dollars Kara OK Microphone, the CCTV announcer Why use price microphone.

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