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Entrained in the civil aviation passenger baggage lithium battery should be how to carry

To go further in the limited time, we see more and more enjoyable to play, many people choose to take advantage of travel. To ensure flight safety, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) recently again issued a notice to require the carrier to the airport to ups battery carry passengers lithium batteries as a rigorous inspection of luggage transport, carrying lithium batteries made at the same time limit.
    Civil Aviation Authority in the notice on storage battery the strengthening of the lithium battery safety in the air transport management in passenger baggage ": the passengers or crew members for personal use containing lithium metal or lithium ion cells or batteries of portable electronic ebikes battery devices (watches, calculators, cameras , cell phones, laptop computers, camcorders, etc.) should be as hand baggage check-in, and the lithium content of not more than two grams of lithium metal batteries, lithium-ion battery rated energy value shall not exceed 100Wh (watt hours). Exceeding 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh, approved by the airlines can be packed in checked baggage or hand luggage on the device. Exceed the 160Wh the lithium battery are forbidden to.
    If it is determined for passengers, lithium batteries lithium content? If you carry or as luggage transport small electronic products built-in lithium battery what should be noted that the problem? According to the doubts raised by netizens, the answer is as follows:
    A lithium metal battery lithium content shall not be more than 2 g, visitors bring their own lithium battery whether excessive How do I know? Is there a reference?
    A: how lithium content of lithium metal batteries judge for travelers is difficult, because not mark the number of grams of lithium metal batteries are usually used in small appliances. If the battery is marked with the current (mA / h), the data can be divided by 1000 and then multiplied by 0.3, the number of grams of the lithium content of the battery can be obtained. In addition to prompt everyone is a one-time use of the characteristics of the lithium metal batteries can not recharge.
    Lithium content with rated energy the conversion relationship exists between you? Lithium content is not more than two grams is not rated energy value must not exceed 100 Wh?
    A: there is no relationship between the two. The lithium battery is divided into lithium metal batteries, lithium-ion battery, lithium polymer battery several. The lithium content of lithium metal batteries, rated lithium battery lithium-ion battery can be recharged in terms of energy.
    Rated energy value not exceeding 100Wh lithium-ion battery can carry a few?
    A: For less than 100Wh lithium batteries, ICAO does not require specific carrier quantitative restrictions. Usually judged to carry does not exceed the number of travelers for personal use in the travel demand.
    CAA regulations within the meaning of spare Li-ion or lithium battery (carry spare lithium battery and lithium battery is installed in the device)? Lithium batteries or electronic devices use lithium batteries can check?
    A: The limit on the number for the spare battery. Backup battery can not be checked, and carry only. Electronic devices containing lithium batteries either checked, and also can carry.
    This provision of ordinary passengers (boarding passengers carry cell phones, cameras, laptop computers and other equipment used) a big impact? Everyone should do what to prepare before the plane?
    A: no effect on the vast majority of travelers, tourists generally carry smaller electronic devices, the rated battery energy does not exceed 100 Wh. The key is good protection against short circuits to the backup battery to avoid battery backup and metal objects together, each battery individually placed.
    This provision of television and other media reporters took the opportunity to big? The reporter can carry the kind of equipment boarding?
    A: If electronic devices carried by the larger words, the possibility of battery over 100Wh of large media reporters to pay special attention to.
As long as no more than 160Wh, after the airline agreed to be on board the aircraft, only carry two 100-160wh spare lithium battery approved by the airline. So, before boarding an aircraft should view the the Wh value on the battery. Some battery Wh values, but there will be voltage (V) (mA / h), the numerical values ​​and current values, these two numbers are multiplied and then divided by 1000 to obtain the number of Wh.
    Available for travelers carry a small electrical products reference below:
    (1) phone lithium battery energy 3-10wh;
    (2) SLR camera lithium battery energy is more than 10-20wh;
(3) The camcorder lithium battery energy is about 20-40wh;
    (4) professional camera lithium battery energy may exceed 100wh;
    (5) laptop lithium battery energy 30-100wh.
    Final safety recommendations to the visitors took the opportunity to travel a few points:
    (1) Please lithium battery on the device to carry on or checked - that is the safest place.
    (2) the use of a lithium battery purchased from the formal channels.
    (3) Keep a spare lithium batteries separated, such as coins, keys, jewelry and other metal products. Or each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective case which.
    (4) Beware of RCC, puncture the lithium battery, or high-intensity pressure applied to lithium batteries.
    (5) Do not damage the lithium battery, lithium battery recall or equipment on board the aircraft equipped with this type of lithium battery.
    (6) Avoid dropping the laptop or other device.
    (Civil Aviation Resource Network in particular thanks to the help given by Yang Fang teachers of dangerous goods transport management office of Civil Aviation of China Institute of Science and Technology of Obstetrics and director of the China Air Transport Association.)
    NEWS memory
    Lithium batteries spontaneous combustion caused by aviation security risks
    Example of aviation safety hazards caused travelers carrying lithium batteries produce spontaneous combustion phenomenon happened quite frequently in the past few years. According to the Civil Aviation Authority introduced on May 25 this year, Air China B-6513 aircraft perform flights from Beijing to Shanghai CA1549 takeoff climb in the baggage compartment, business class seat 15H, an American passenger carrying shoulder bag camera lithium battery fire, the crew quickly take emergency measures, the continuous use of the three fire extinguishers put the fire out.
    After preliminary investigation found that the fire was caused by the travelers to place camera lithium battery in the trunk due to spontaneous combustion. The traveler is an employee of ABC, the camera is produced by SONY professional equipment, the direction of the brand lithium battery built-Star Constant Power Co., Ltd., Model AN-204-2000A, rated energy 130Wh.
    In September last year, the Federal Express (UPS) is a contained a large number of lithium batteries Boeing 747 cargo plane in flight suddenly burst into flames, the smoke cause the pilot can not see the dashboard, cargo aircraft finally crashed in Dubai airport, killing two.
    The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had issued a document warning, studies have shown that, in the high temperature environment, the lithium battery to "thermal runaway" phenomenon that at first did not fire the battery may ignite spontaneously, triggered a great deal of aviation security risks.
FAA said that once the lithium battery fires caused by the fire fighting equipment on most aircraft can not be effectively extinguished.
    FAA after a statistics show battery incidents occurred between 1991 and 2007, nearly one-third of the lithium battery incidents in these incidents, 68% were caused by internal or external short circuit, 15% of the charge or discharge caused by 7% due to the accidental activation of equipment, 10% for other reasons. Lithium battery once the combustion conditions, only when it is consumed after combustion can be extinguished, and the aircraft are equipped with a fire extinguishing agent no role in to extinguish lithium battery combustion fundamental.
    FAA's report pointed out that, since 1991, only in the United States have occurred at least 60 causes of fire accidents caused by the air transport of lithium batteries. 1991-2010, FAA accident due to lithium batteries out of the 49 tickets worth up to $ 517,000.

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