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If Ethernet fails, the world will be like?

Ethernet (Ethernet) by Xerox Corporation created by Xerox, Intel and DEC jointly optical fiber cable suppliers developed baseband LAN specification, is the most common communication protocol standard used in today's existing LAN. Ethernet CSMA / CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection) technology and run at a rate of 10M / S in various types of cable. If Ethernet fails, the network look like?
    You can imagine the world of suppliers MetroFDDI services? IEEE will first mile Token Bus (TokenBusintheFirstMile) definition of standards?
    Or for harsh environments, the rugged device is based on the industry the ATM? Token Ring fiber-optic network or data center integration including?
    If Ethernet fails, the network look like?
    Standards, consistency, simplicity, scale and optical fiber cable Manufacturer innovation will be affected, "said IDC analyst RohitMehra," If there is no consistency, the network will become more complicated than they are today. "
    Other people also agree with this statement.
    "The network will become optical fiber cable factory more complex, less reliable and slower said ZeusKerravala, ZK research firm," there will be more to interrupt our service level expectations may be reduced. "
    "We will experience a longer period of time dedicated network" EnterpriseStrategy Chief analyst JonOltsik of the advantages of IP, including the Internet, will not happen soon. "
    Each network segment of the network (local network, MAN and WAN) may use different techniques. May dominate Token Ring LAN, token bus in some cases (such as manufacturing) will be deployed in the field.
    FDDI will dominate MAN. ATM and Frame Relay WAN proliferation of As Ethernet services replace them before that.
    With these different technologies in different parts of the network, end-to-end service consistency will be hit. Gateway and bridging between the different technologies will increase the delay, but also increase costs and operating expenses.
In addition, distributed computing and client / server computing (or distributed client / server computing), technological advances will never appear or be paralyzed.
    "Oltsik said:" client / server, Microsoft will have its own protocol, Novell's IPX will still exist. "
    "This will slow down the transfer to the client / server in the 1990s," Mehra said, "minicomputers and mid-range systems, there will be more time."
    Kerravala said, which may delay the emergence of 100Gbps speed. Token ring increases 4-fold, 10-fold increase in speed of Ethernet, although in the late 1990s, on the 100Mbps and Gigabit token ring defined specifications.
    Network TV may also be slower appear because of FDDI and Token Ring LAN, MAN, WAN in the ATM.
    If the token-ring LAN, IBM (not Cisco) succeeded in occupying likely to dominate the online world. IBM has been to support the use of token ring, but in 1999, IBM lost Ethernet and Cisco.
    The IBM scale will be doubled, because it will control another standard, "ESG's Oltsik said," Cisco will not have the opportunity to lead the standard wave, they will live in the shadow of IBM and other companies. "
    The IDC company Mehra, Ethernet does not appear, then the spread of wireless LAN may also be hampered.
    He said, "If Ethernet network standards, I do not think that the Wi-Fi so popular."
    Ethernet failure, system integrators and professional services companies may succeed. Mehra said that their business will now 5-10 times - through the LAN, MAN and WAN technology bound.
    "It would be very complicated," he said, "We are in the different regions will have different network, we will need a lot of engineers and support staff to run the network, this will be a more complex world."
    Fortunately, Ethernet rescue us.

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