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Smart grid opportunities for electrical equipment

2012 China International Conference on Electricity in addition to the high-profile opening ceremony, keynote speeches, special reports, theses exchanges, electricity and equipment exhibition held at the same eye-catching area of ​​5200 square meters china fiber optical cable of exhibition area brings together Schneider Electric Hitachi China Ltd., Tongguang Group, Siyuan Electric Co., Ltd., NARI Group Corporation, CLP Puri Engineering Co., Ltd., 54 domestic and foreign supply fiber optical cable suppliers equipment manufacturers, shows the power distribution system, smart grid the latest results and related equipment.
    Bring focus on Demand Side Management (DSM) from Schneider Electric Smart Grid solutions to the three main themes of the Group through optical "fiber optic cable, transmission cables, equipment cables" products, smart fiber optical cable Manufacturer micro to NARI Group grid technology, distribution automation system, all reflect the importance of innovative, high-tech electrical equipment for smart grid.
    As we all know, the smart grid construction will focus on the high degree of integration of modern advanced technology, and comprehensively improve the intelligence level of the large grid operation control, as well as the ability and level of electricity services, and thereby achieve a leap-forward development of China's power grid. Equipment investment, in addition to the primary equipment UHV-based smart grid construction will be fully turned to intelligent network of six broad areas: power generation, intelligent transmission, intelligent substations, smart distribution grid, smart power and smart scheduling. According to statistics, up to 2020, including grid access, flexible transmission, grid monitoring, intelligent substation, smart meters, charging station / piles and other equipment, intelligent network equipment market capacity will be more than 620 billion yuan.
    Specific in all aspects of construction, generation devices, intelligent power grid or grid energy storage capacity, new energy, especially clean energy generation access; intelligent transmission application of flexible power transmission technology, to improve transmission flexibility of the transmission system, the transmission efficiency and transmission capacity; intelligent substation to the use of advanced, reliable, integrated, the environmentally smart devices, in order to achieve the full station digitization of information, communication platform for networking, information sharing, standardization; intelligent distribution to be integration of the built distribution automation and distribution network regulation, smart technical support systems, to achieve the microgrid flexible access and safe operation; smart electricity and scheduling through interaction and processing of information, intelligent control and domination of power The power of scientific management.
    The information is expected that by 2020, total demand for new energy to wind power, photovoltaic power generation access equipment to more than 100 billion yuan. And related equipment in the field of smart meters is showing a strong momentum of development. In addition, the supporting technologies such as battery, motor, electric control will be to focus on the development, by 2015 the country plans to more than 20 demonstration of the city and the surrounding area built from 400,000 charging poles, 2000 charge for power plants constitute the network of the power supply system to meet the needs of large-scale commercial application of electric vehicles energy supply.
    Smart Grid brings the opportunity for our innovative power equipment as well as power equipment in China will lead to a new round of technology upgrades and changes, thereby stimulating a virtuous cycle of related upstream and downstream industries. Equipment manufacturers in multiple industries such as power electronics, new energy development, security monitoring to keep up with the progress of construction of the national smart grid, to provide technical support to innovative products for the smart grid, smart grid linkage effects evident.

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