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Building intercom system maintenance community peace program Brief Analysis

Building intercom system inside and outside ups battery of a high-rise residential condominium buildings, households control messaging, security doors and tenants to the buildings in the duty room in case of an emergency alarm equipment. Complete function, reliable performance, and its large capacity, attractive appearance, easy to install storage battery and the majority of users, has been widely used and also the safety of the living quarters.
    Building intercom system works
    Visitors through the ebikes battery downstairs unit in front of the host easily call households and their dialogue households cell host can receive household alarm signals to watch host to notify the district security personnel to control the opening and closing of the door of the unit, indoor, system not only enhance the safety and security of high-rise residential, but also greatly facilitate the households, down the stairs reduce the number of unnecessary trouble.
    Video intercom system works
    Loumen usually always in lock state to avoid personnel to enter the building without permission of the floor, the building's tenants can use the key to freedom and out of the building. When a visitor, guests are required to press out on the floor intercom outside the host keyboard want to visit the room number of the tenants, call visit households intercom extension. The interviewed households master two-way calls or video calls through the intercom equipment and visitors, to confirm the identity of the visitor through the voice or image of the visitors. Confirmed that allows visitors to enter, the master of the household using the unlock button on the intercom extension, electronically controlled door lock control on the entrance door of the building, visiting guests before entering the building. Visitors into the floor, the doors of the parlor automatic locking.
    The security department of the residential property management, security intercom system in each residential building work within the district by district security intercom management host monitor. In case of residential building entrance door is opened illegally, security intercom host or line failure, the district security intercom manage host will alarm signal shows the contents and location of the alarm. Residential property management departments and between tenants or tenants and tenants can use the system to talk to each other. Property department notice to tenants to pay a variety of costs, households notify the property management department for residential facilities maintenance, tenants in case of an emergency alarm for help to the management of the district or neighborhood.
    Three, the basic structure of the building intercom system
    The system is mainly composed by the host, extension, UPS power supply, electric control locks and door closers, etc.. The type can be divided into straight, digital, digital household pass, pass straight-video intercom, digital video intercom, digital household video intercom.
    Host computer
    Host control core part of the building intercom system, every household in the extension of the transmission signal and the electric lock control signal and all through the control of the host, the circuit board with damping installation, and moistureproof processing, vibration moisture resistance strong with night lighting device, pleasing in appearance, and generous.
    The extension is a speech machine, usually with the host intercom, but now every household building intercom system into a set of internal telephone system in conjunction with the host telephone system users can complete and easier to use, It is divided into a visual extension of non-visual extension. Electric lock control and monitoring functions, usually installed at the door of the users at home, mainly to facilitate tenants and visitors intercom conversation.
    UPS power
    Its main function is to keep the building intercom system power-down. Under normal circumstances, in the charged state. When the power goes out, UPS power supply in the power supply to the system state. Building intercom system, manufacturers generally do not like UPS battery main visual system power consumption is too large, small capacity UPS battery can not guarantee the use of time!
Electronically controlled lock
    Its internal structure is composed mainly by the electromagnetic mechanism. Users simply press the electric lock button on the extension will be able to make the electromagnetic coil is energized, so that the electromagnetic mechanism driven by a connecting rod action, will be able to control the door open.
    Closers It is a special automatic door closers of the link mechanism. It has a regulator can adjust the acceleration and the role of the intensity, easy to use and flexible.

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