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For the maintenance of the UPS battery status and technical description

UPS battery maintenance necessity UPS uninterruptible power supply, because when the power outage, it can quickly convert to the inverter status, so as not to let the computer use to lose important documents because of the sudden loss fiber optical cable of power is not enough time storage. Not be used when the standby power, if you just want to blackout, electricity, light enough to buy an inverter. The general household UPS with the most maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. UPS uses the same battery technology, different manufacturers large battery life is not the same, this is very important for users, because of the high cost of replacing the  optical fiber cable battery (approximately 30% of the UPS price). Battery failure reduces system reliability, which is a very annoying thing. At present, small and medium-sized UP ...
Detailed UPS battery capacity and discharge rate relationships
UPS manufacturer in the battery configuration, the choice of design capacity is fully satisfy the requirements of uninterrupted power even more than the load capacity of the power supply and power supply time, but after the UPS is put into operation, users often find UPS uninterruptible power after mains failure supply the actual time is much less than the design value, the reasons for this phenomenon, in most cases the battery is not the initial  lifepo4 battery configuration is not enough spare capacity, but the capacity of the battery did not work out. Battery actual capacity reduction for many reasons, the battery quality problems, but it is the use and maintenance issues. (1) The battery capacity lead-acid battery plates in the manufacturing process, the raw plate charging Kasei, and they lead into lead dioxide positive plate, the negative plate of lead becomes sponge ...

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