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Talk about SD and HD project installation depends on the points

www.headwaybatteryandcable.comBeginning in 2009, the monitoring system into the fiber optical cable Wholesalers network digitization stage, D1 (72-480) is becoming the standard of IP video surveillance with SD (StandardDefinition, referred to as SD), that is the standard analytic argument, the next due to picture detail more pursuit, and therefore china optical fiber cable will produce HD (HighDefinition, HD), also known as high-resolution. Later, in order to comply with the digital television (HDTV), 16:9 wide screen display format, then jumped to 720p and 1080p HD HD Castles format.

HD-SDI HD cameras waiting for the large-scale application of the spring

www.headwaybatteryandcable.comSecurity video surveillance development in China has more fiber optical cable Wholesalers than ten years, a variety of new products, new technologies, the security industry is defined as high-definition, which is already three years ago, an irreversible fact. Before and after 2007, the security industry began large-scale application of IP cameras, security video surveillance gradually into the network HD hall; 2011, SDI HD interface into the security market, making HD now have one more way, it is already in the application china optical fiber cable field preliminary emerge.

Technical problems and trends of pickups in audio security monitoring

The audio monitoring core components pickups for the integration of audio and video surveillance camera is the eyes, pickups ears. Eyes to see the image and ears hear sound transmitted through the nervous system such as cable, fiber optic, network DVR china optical fiber cable save as brain constitutes a basic audio and video recording system. Most of the traditional monitoring systems no sound, like a silent film of the early years, people only see the silent images, integrated audio monitoring system requirements.

Smart grid opportunities for electrical equipment

2012 China International Conference on Electricity in addition to the high-profile opening ceremony, keynote speeches, special reports, theses exchanges, electricity and equipment exhibition held at the same eye-catching area of ​​5200 square meters china fiber optical cable of exhibition area brings together Schneider Electric Hitachi China Ltd., Tongguang Group, Siyuan Electric Co., Ltd., NARI Group Corporation, CLP Puri Engineering Co., Ltd., 54 domestic and foreign supply fiber optical cable suppliers equipment manufacturers, shows the power distribution system, smart grid the latest results and related equipment.


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